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All You Need To Know About Carbon Offset

September 22 2022

Carbon footprints

Knowing About Carbon Offsets

Day by day carbon emissions is resulting in drastic climate change! To curb this, many organizations are collecting contributions to protect our environment by eliminating them. One of the procedures is adopting a carbon offset. But what this carbon offset is? Let us dig deeper to know more.

What Is A Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset is a reduction or eviction of emissions like carbon dioxide and or other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by balancing the carbon footprints of the companies. Carbon offsets are a reasonable and beneficial way to deal with climate change and promote the growth of renewable energy.

Whether you are planning to offset your emissions or become carbon neutral, it is important to measure your carbon footprint. So how can you calculate the emissions from your business? 

It can be calculated by measuring carbon dioxide emission and other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide, from a specific activity.

Importance Of Carbon Offset

Avoiding carbon emissions is impossible for organizations, parties, and households. All you can do is offset your emissions. As our planet is heating up, carbon offsets are crucial steps to be taken in minimizing emissions. It is a way that helps us do that by funding projects that lessen emissions somewhere else. It is significant as it not only reduces our carbon footprint but it also helps offset other emissions. This protects our future and promotes a cleaner and greener environment.

How Does Carbon Offset Work?

Independent of what type of activity takes place in your organization, these steps are followed to offset its emissions.

To measure and calculate the emissions- There are specific protocols for an organization to do this. The protocol divides emissions into three main areas.

· Chances of direct emissions from sources an organization owns or controls.

· Indirect emissions from heating, steaming electricity, and cooling resources that an organization purchases.

· Chance in other indirect emissions that come from the value chain.

The emissions are measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent(CO2e) and include other GHGs, such as methane and nitrous oxide. Regularly, the footprints must be calculated. Specific tools such as an earth footprint calculator can help you check the measure of the influence of human activities measured in respect of the area of productive land and water needed for goods production. Similarly, to calculate the carbon footprint many online carbon footprint calculators are available to estimate the number of carbon emissions occurring from your business.

To look out for certified carbon offset- You can purchase some carbon credits. Whenever you purchase an offset, you fund projects that decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The projects strategize to restore forests, improve the power plants and factories or increase the energy efficiency of transportation.

Protect Our Mother Earth! Adopt A Carbon Offset!!

To balance the emissions from your business, the best possible way is to go for a carbon offset. The funding project plans to restore forests, update the power plants, and improve the efficiency of transportation. Make sure to connect with a certified company for carbon offsetting.

With different options for individuals and companies to invest in carbon offsetting, there are programs all over the world, here at Balanced Earth, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.