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How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

August 30 2022

What is Carbon Footprint?

Calculate your carbon footprint today.

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere. As a result of your activities, it is measured in units of carbon dioxide.

In simple terms, it can be said to be your impact on the planet.

Your carbon footprint is determined by your way of life. Activities such as electrical consumption, travel, the type of food you eat, and the fossil fuel you burn.

The impact of greenhouse gas emissions is the major cause of climate change and other extreme environmental conditions. Such as flooding, pollution, global warming, and alteration of the ecosystem.

calculate your carbon footprint

Calculating Carbon Footprint

Different online resources can help you to calculate your carbon footprint. Also, there is a way you can calculate your carbon footprint according to the system developed by Alexandria Shimo-Barry.

You can calculate your carbon footprint by following the steps below;

  1. Multiply your monthly electricity bill by 105
  2. Multiply your monthly oil bill by 113
  3. Multiply your monthly gas bill by 105
  4. Multiply the total annual mileage of your car by 79
  5. Multiply the total number of flights that you have taken in the last year (trips less than 4 hours) by 1,100
  6. Multiply the total number of flights that you have taken in the last year (trips more than 4 hours) by 4,400
  7. Add 184 if you don’t recycle newspaper
  8. Add 166 if you don’t recycle tin and aluminum
  9. Add 1 – 8 above together to get your total carbon footprint.

Is my Carbon Footprint High?

An ideal or low carbon footprint has a value from 6,000 to 15,999 pounds per year, while 16,000 to 22,000 is perceived to be average, and below 6,000 is said to be very low.

If your carbon footprint is very high, do not fret, you can minimize it by embracing eco-friendly options that can reduce carbon footprint.

Some of the things you can do as stated earlier include using recycled items, being mindful of the kind of food you eat, spending less time in the shower, making use of energy saver bulbs, and switching to renewable sources of energy.

Making this conscious effort of trying to adjust your lifestyle can go a long way in helping you to reduce your carbon footprint can help you with your carbon footprint.