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Calculate your carbon footprint and look after your environment

We are living in a world where we cannot take anything for granted. Everything is gifted to us by mother earth. But humans have taken it lightly and are on the verge of making everything worse than ever imagined. No wonder the habits and the lifestyle we have adopted can be destructive. This lifestyle of people can give much higher rise to global warming. 

This is the reason that to slow down every effect of global warming, every individual, including kids, should take important steps to be carbon neutral and calculate their carbon footprint as soon as possible. 

Adopting sustainable practices is highly important. If you don’t bring this up today, then it will be too late. Even everyone in your family should know what they need to do to protect the environment and mother earth. However, it can be tricky initially to know where to start, but with us, you can get to know in which direction you need to move. 

Know about the carbon footprint 

Before we jump directly onto anything or calculate your footprint, it is essential to know about it. It is all about the total amount of greenhouse gases that you generate because of your actions or unintentional ways of living your lifestyle. These greenhouse gases also include methane as well as carbon dioxide.

However, the average footprint of every person is known to be around 4 tones. If you are known to be creating more than this there is high time to control it and work on it. You can take minor or baby steps to make small changes in your living style and work on your footprint. 

How can you become carbon neutral with us? 

Being carbon neutral with us is an easy process. We make it very simple for the newbies or for the people who don’t know what to do, even if they have basic knowledge about carbon neutrality. 

We help you with calculating your footprint or carbon emissions and also help you to offset your carbon with some of the best carbon-neutral projects. Here is what you need to do to calculate it with us: 

  • Country – To initiate with, the place where you are living needs to be entered in the ‘calculate your carbon footprint space.’ We are currently helping people living in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom to calculate their average produced emissions or footprint. 
  • Bill per year – After filling in your country, the next column comes the bill per year, where you need to fill in your bill for electricity and gas. In case you are using any green energy tariffs, then there is a special box for that as well, which you need to select. 
  • Size/fuel of car type – The next option is about the size as well as the fuel of your car type. There are various options that you can select, such as small diesel-petrol, electric, hybrid, large diesel-petrol, medium diesel-petrol, etc. You also need to enter your average mileage traveled by car every year in miles. 
  • Public transport – To calculate your footprint, we also need to know how often you use public transport every week. Plus, we need to know how often you use taxis every week. 
  • Travel with flight – The next thing we need to know about is the number of one-way flights you take every year, which includes local flights, economy, intercontinental flights, economy, local flights, business, intercontinental flights, and business. 
  • Your diet – To help you be carbon neutral and check your carbon footprint precisely, we also need to know about your diet, whether you are a meat eater, mostly fish eater, vegetarian, or vegan. 
  • Extra – The last point includes anything that you consider anything extraordinary in your lifestyle. This will help us to calculate whether you produce extra CO2 or not in a year. 

At Balanced Earth, we ensure that we are with you at every point of life so that you can become carbon neutral as quickly as you can. After considering every point, we will calculate your total carbon footprint. This will also help you to where you need to work on.