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Frequently Asked Questions about Global Warming

August 29 2022

Global Warming Questions

When greenhouse gases are emitted, these gases can trap heat and release this heat into the atmosphere which warms the planet. The release of these gases especially carbon dioxide is the major cause of global warming and climate change.

Other adverse effects of carbon dioxide include increasing wildfires, rising sea levels, droughts, serious heat waves, and other extreme weather conditions.

What Causes Global Warming?

The main cause of global warming is human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and the use of energy sources that are not renewable.

Deforestation is one human activity that increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. The burning of forests results in the release of large amounts of carbon into the environment and as the forest is no longer there, they become unavailable to absorb carbon dioxide.

Who can Reduce Global Warming?

The number one step in combating global warming is to ensure a significant reduction in the emission of heat-trapping emissions like nitrous oxide, methane, ozone, and carbon dioxide. Although global warming is now a global thing, as individuals we have a part to play. There needs to be a change in lifestyle such as managing electricity usage, driving less, driving more efficient cars, and also, we should seek other renewable sources of energy other than the consumption of fossil fuel.

global warming

Also, governments and big corporations can play a huge role through the following;

  • Supporting other energy-efficient solutions and increasing car fuel efficiency.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy and less dependence on fossil fuels and coal as a source of energy and power.
  • Limiting the amount of carbon that is permitted by people.
  • Implementing regional and national climate policies.
  • There should be a clamp on deforestation.
  • Developing and investing in efficient energy technologies, approaches, and industries.

How Are Humans the Major Cause of Climate Change?

A lot of things can influence climate, this includes volcanic eruptions, the presence of heat-trapping gases in the air, and the changing intensity of the sun. with all these, how come scientists are clear on the fact that humans are responsible for global warming?

A quick answer to this question is that humans are responsible for the increasing carbon emission into the atmosphere through their daily activities. some of these activities include the burning of coal, oil, and gas or deforestation among others. The burning of coal and fossil fuels is the major culprit.

The effect carbon from fossil fuels has on the atmosphere is quite distinct compared to carbon from other sources. With a smaller ratio of heavier to lighter carbon atoms, the proportion of carbon from fossil fuels becomes higher.

The ratio of heavy to light carbon atoms has reduced over the years while the total amount of carbon dioxide has increased. What this means is that since the industrial era, fossil fuel emissions are the biggest contributor of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Why Does Carbon Dioxide get the Highest Attention When There are other Greenhouse Gases?

The reason carbon dioxide gets the most attention is that it is the major gas causing global warming and climate change. Although there are other heat-trapping gases like water vapor and methane, the presence of too much carbon dioxide puts the globe at high risk which can cause irreversible changes in the environment.

Is There Any Connection Between Global Warming and the Ozone Layer?

The ozone (O3) in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun which prevents it from getting to the earth’s surface where it can cause harm to the planet, animals, and plants. UV radiation is harmful to humans as it can cause skin cancer and damage to the eye.

The ozone hole has nothing to do with global warming but the introduction of carbon dioxide is the major cause of global warming. It is the greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer which causes harm to human beings. can help you to reduce global warming with our programs.