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Can Greenhouse Gases be Filtered from the Atmosphere?

August 29 2022

Greenhouse Gasses

Time to get greenhouse gases out of here! can help you to prevent greenhouse gasses and offset your carbon footprint.

The technology needed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is still being developed but plants are one of the best ways of removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can be a little tricky.

One way of removing carbon dioxide from the air is through the use of chemical filters but these filters can be very expensive.

A more efficient way of removing CO2 is through the natural ability of plants to absorb CO2 as they grow and convert it to biomass in the process.

Hence, the planting of crops helps in removing carbon dioxide from the air

The plants can also be burned inside specially-made power stations to produce energy while capturing the carbon dioxide emitted in the process. This technology is still being developed and is under processing.

greenhouse gases

Changing of Lifestyle

Another way of filtering greenhouse gases includes being conscious of the options we go for on a daily. A change of lifestyle can help to beat down the carbon footprint.

The following are some of the things that can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • using public transport
  • switching to renewable sources of energy
  • spending more time in the shower
  • avoid deforestation
  • biking or walking instead of driving
  • reduce the burning of coal and fossil fuel
  • make use of energy-efficient lighting and gadgets.
  • avoid leaving your bulbs and phones plugged in when they are fully charged or not in use. 

All these modifications in lifestyle and in addition to the efforts of big corporations will go a long way in ensuring that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.