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How Can You Make Your Kid’s Carbon Neutral?

December 5 2022

Voluntary vs. Compliance Carbon Offsets

Make Your Kids Carbon Neutral

It is essential that you should always inculcate good environmental habits in your kids. After all, they are the future, and they should be aware of everything related to carbon emissions and how to count their carbon footprint.

Teaching them sustainability your kids is highly essential with changing times and changing environmental situations. In case you don’t bring it up today, then years later, they will bring it up themselves. 

Even the kids or young generation want to help in the best possible. However, it can be tricky for you to guide your kids in the right possible way.

But instead of throwing various facts or statistics, it is better to make them learn via simple yet fun activities to reduce their footprint. It is through activities that they can learn best to be carbon neutral

Make your kids more carbon neutral

Fun ways to make your kids reduce their carbon footprint 

There is something unique about younger kids or generations. If you are not going to bring up the topic of carbon neutrality, then they will. Even the youngest kids want to know the best ways to protect the earth or environment. 

Therefore, to avoid bringing up boring facts or statistics, here are some of the fun ways we have gathered to make your kids do carbon-neutral activities and reduce their carbon footprint: 

  • Get them involved in bin activity – Picking up rubbish can be simple but exciting with your kids. You can do this during your free time while wearing gloves and carrying rubbish bags all along. This will help them experience the immediate impact of what good they have done. Also, don’t forget to ask them whether they can think of other ways to take care of their space. 
  • Allow them to know about the 3 R’s – You can make them learn about the 3 R’s, which are known to reduce, reuse, as well as recycle. This is an effective way to learn all about these things in an effective way. You can even make them sing Jack Johnson’s ‘The 3 R’s’ and allow them to learn sustainable actions, which can be effective learning. 
  • Try to make your supplies – Children love anything that involves science, plus scooping, pouring, as well as stirring. Along with this, you can make them count your carbon footprint as well as themselves. This way, they can learn to make their clean supplies. However, lab coats are not included while doing this.
  • Create a small greenhouse – This can be a fun activity where you can even involve a gardener. This is not just a simple lesson about growing plants but also about patience as well as responsibility. You can make a mini-greenhouse with all the reused plastic cups and can help the kids learn about carbon footprint and the long-lasting impact of their daily actions. 


Including your kids in learning about the environment can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The above-mentioned fun carbon-neutral activities can help them learn in a clear way and work towards better environmental solutions. Also, you can take help from Balanced to learn of better ways to reduce carbon emissions.