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How Does Your Carbon Footprint Impact Climate Change?

September 29 2022

Examples of carbon offsets

Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have impacted the environment adversely through our carbon emissions. Every individual needs to understand what is carbon footprint and how it affects the environment.

There is numerous negative impact of carbon emissions on the climate. Climate change, acid rain, and the melting of glaciers are some of the many impacts.

We should plan a way forward to rectify our mistakes. Big companies and industries should keep a count of their carbon footprint by using the carbon emissions formula. And they should try to reduce the same.

Carbon footprint and climate change

Ways In Which Your Carbon Footprint Impacts Climate Change:

  • Global Warming- Carbon footprints are the addition of all the greenhouse gases emitted on Earth. We produce tonnes of greenhouse gases through our everyday activities, such as transportation, using air conditioners, certain foods, etc. During the daytime when the sun produces heat, the earth’s surface absorbs some of it and radiates back the same. Now CO2 and other greenhouse gases act like a blanket and trap some of that radiated heat. This results in an increment in the overall temperature of the earth slowly aka global warming. That’s why industries should use carbon neutralizers.  
  • Air Pollution- Carbon footprint is not the sole cause of air pollution. Many factors have led to such high levels of pollution in the air. But we can say that carbon footprint is a major contributing factor. Industries release a high amount of toxic gases into the environment. It contains gases such as CO2, NO2, SO2, etc. All these are greenhouse gases and they are hazardous effects on the environment as well as on human life. Every year many people get affected by fatal diseases such as asthma, respiratory problems, heart problems, etc. All these are the result of air pollution caused by carbon footprint.
  • Melting of ocean ice and glaciers- We are losing 10% of the sea ice of the Arctic every 10 years. And we have already lost more than 95% of the thickest ice in the Arctic. The speed of melting of sea ice, glaciers, etc. is increasing every year at a rapid rate. Even if we start curbing carbon emissions, we would still lose more than one-third of the world’s glaciers before 2100. If this doesn’t alarm us, I don’t know what would. The world’s greatest economies should hold themselves accountable for their carbon emissions. They should keep a track of it by using the carbon emissions formula and work towards significantly curbing it. 
  • Acid Rain- Acid rain is also one of the results of a carbon footprint. Many people take acid rain lightly as its side effects of it are not visible. But acid rain can’t be ignored. Although walking in acid rain is not fatal for humans and animals but it other health issues in humans such as asthma, bronchitis, etc. 


Human beings are the cause of carbon emissions, climate change, global warming, etc. And we are also the only ones who can remove these problems and save the earth.

Now that all of you know how dangerous carbon emissions are, try to reduce them as much as possible. Take baby steps, and soon you’ll see huge changes, we have plenty of tips on our website to help you.

Multi-national companies and industries should also help with this cause. They can inculcate usage of CNG, recycling, using carbon neutralizers, etc. 

Here at Balanced Earth, we have carbon offsets for you to invest in, these will help you to be carbon neutral as an individual, or as a company.