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How To Improve The Carbon Footprint Of Your Company?

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The fight against global warming as well as climate change is not just a hot topic but it is real. The people who are ignoring it or are unaware of it are stepping toward massive environmental destruction which cannot be undone. However, more than anyone it is the companies that increase the carbon footprint with their activities, directly or indirectly. It is said that around 71% of companies increase their carbon footprint more than others. If each company starts taking necessary measures then the carbon footprint can be improved.

What is the meaning of average carbon footprint?

A lot of companies or people are still not aware of the terms of carbon footprint. So, what is the meaning of average carbon footprint? This can be a little tricky to answer as it depends on the averages you are talking about. There are various factors that can lead to an increase in the carbon footprint of the company. However, you can calculate your average carbon footprint with the help of an offset carbon footprint calculator.

carbon footprint of your company

What is the cause of carbon footprint?

There are various companies that hugely impact the carbon footprint. According to the reported date, here are some companies that come under the radar:

Energy – It produces around 36013.52 million tonnes of CO2e.
Agriculture – It produces around 5795.51 million tonnes of CO2e.
Land-use change as well as forestry – It produces around 3217.07 million tonnes of CO2e.
Industrial processes – It produces around 2771.08 million tonnes of CO2e.
Waste – It produces around 1560.85 million tonnes of CO2e.

Ways to improve the carbon footprint of your company

  • Reduce, recycle and reuse – Starting from office supplies, and operations, to the supply chain, a company should be able to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Try to reduce and reuse as these practices can lower the carbon footprint. If there is no option of reusing then go with a recycling program.
  • Go with renewable energy – The consumption of energy leads to carbon emissions unless there is the involvement of renewable energy. Solar or wind is becoming great alternatives to energies that are clean as well as renewable. Getting onto these renewable energies can help in saving the environment plus you can save money in the long run.
  • Upgrade your office – After adopting renewable energy you can also try to replace conventional devices or appliances and get new versions. Get rid of inefficient incandescent light bulbs and install LED bulbs that are beneficial for your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Travel smartly – Driving can also lead to an increase in the carbon footprint. Thus, encourage your workers to travel smartly by traveling less or using electric bikes which leads to zero-free emissions, or can get to the option of electric cars. All of this cuts carbon emissions.


Companies play a huge role in maintaining the environment. However, with changing times, companies also need to change by adopting methods to reduce their carbon footprint. The above-mentioned ways can be helpful in reducing your company’s carbon footprint.