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Simple Steps To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

November 2 2022

Carbon Offsets and Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

The change in the environment is known to be unescapable and disastrous if no action is taken against it. There are a lot of changes happening due to our small daily actions. This can hamper the living space for the coming generations. However, if you want to be more aware and responsible towards the environment then the best way is to calculate your carbon footprint

Knowing thoroughly about carbon footprint and understanding the right way to calculate not only helps the environment but also helps you live a safe and happy life. There are various ways to calculate carbon footprint including the carbon footprint calculator, but today you are going to know some of the simple ways which you opt for without any external help. 

What is a carbon footprint? 

Before jumping onto the steps to calculate your carbon footprint, it is better to understand your carbon footprint in a better way. It is the total amount of greenhouse gases which also includes methane as well as CO2 which are known to be generated by your actions. The average carbon footprint of a person can be closer to around 4 tons. 

However, if you are creating more than this then it needs to be calculated and controlled to reduce your carbon footprint. This can only be done by taking baby steps by making small changes in your lifestyle. 

Calculate Carbon Footprint

Steps to calculate your carbon footprint points 

  • Count House members – If you are living alone then there are chances of your carbon footprint being higher than an individual who is living in a shared apartment and sharing water, fuel, and electricity. 
  1. If you live alone then you need to add 14 points to the carbon footprint. 
  2. If you are sharing a house with one person then you need to add 12 points. 
  3. If you are sharing a house with 2 people then you need to add 10 points. 

Similarly, the points will keep deducting as the number of members keeps getting increased.

  • Size of your home – A small house has a small effect on the environment. Taking your home size into consideration while you calculate carbon footprint points is necessary. 
  1. If you live in a big house then add 10 points. 
  2. If you live in a medium-sized house then add 7 points. 
  3. If you live in a small house then add 4 points. 
  4. If you live in an apartment then add 2 points. 
  • Your food choices – The kind of food you eat also creates an effect on the carbon footprint. If you are eating domestic meat then your carbon footprint will be higher and vice-versa. 
  1. If you are eating domestic meat regularly then add 10 points. 
  2. If you are eating domestic meat 2-3 times a week then add 7 points. 
  3. If you are eating vegetarian food then add 4 points. 
  4. If you are a vegan then add 2 points. 

Also, add 12 points if you are eating pre-packed food or frozen food rather than fresh or local food. You need to improve your carbon footprint, with the choices that you make, the produce, and the products that you buy.


The above-mentioned ways will help you calculate your carbon footprint points easily. This way you will get to know what needs to be done and how you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

Calculating your carbon footprint is one thing, but making lifestyle changes, and the way that we consume our products, will make a difference to our environment.

Here at Balanced Earth, we have many different carbon offset programs that you can invest in, they will all help to improve our environment, and with your lifestyle changes, we can all play our part in saving our planet.