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Things To Do To Live Green In The Coming Year

December 8 2022

Carbon Offsets and Sustainable Development Goals

Live Green This Year

A lot of things are changing at a fast pace, and people are becoming more conscious about the environment. Climate change is a great threat to mankind, and people have started to see its severe effects. It is the small habits that can help everyone to fight the battle against the alarming environmental situation. Also, it is essential to become green and try to work on calculating your carbon footprint with the help of a footprint calculator.   

There is a great scope to bring everything under control by adopting methods and following certain things to make the earth a great place to live. This is highly essential to be carbon neutral. Plus, to move correctly and save your future, it is important to start acting with the right kind of knowledge and keeping the misconceptions aside. 

Carbon Footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint

What is the carbon footprint? 

A lot of people who are living at home or doing business are aware of the fact of carbon footprint. It is the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that are created because of the activities done by you throughout the day. This is measured in an annual footprint which makes sure that your daily activities done every year are considered properly. Also, to be a carbon neutralizer, you need to keep a check on your footprint. 

The unit of carbon footprint is known to be tonnes of CO2 equivalent. This is the common greenhouse gas that is the main reason behind global warming. Also, it is the result of various human activities. However, the formula of carbon emissions can be used to check your overall emissions. Also, you can use other online tools, which can benefit in knowing emission-intensive areas, and later, you can work on their reduction. 

Ways to make your new year a carbon-neutral year 

There are certain things or ways that you can adopt to be carbon neutral and do a bit for the environment. It is not possible to see the immediate change in the environment, but making a collective decision and opting for small ways can be highly effective. 

Here are some of the ways that you can opt to have a carbon-neutral new year: 

  • Go for local – Getting the products shipped can put a lot of strain on the environment because of fossil fuel consumption. This is the reason that you should go for local products if you want to make your new year greener with fewer carbon emissions. Also, you will able to cover a short distance from your home. You can even calculate your emissions on a footprint calculator after adopting this habit of shopping locally. 
  • Try growing your own food – Another way that can help in reducing your carbon footprint and making your year green is growing your own food, like fruits or veggies. Opting for them to grow at home can lead to savings in gas consumption, not only for you to the store but also from various international routes. 
  • Drive less – Another way you can adopt is to drive less. The use of fossil fuels will be less, and this will also not lead to air pollution. You can try carpooling or try going by public transport to avoid gas consumption. Also, you can massively reduce your carbon emissions. 


There are a lot of ways in which you can adopt to be a carbon neutralizer. This should not be any obligation but also your duty to do something for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. The above-mentioned ways are simple to follow and help you have a greener new year.