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What Does it Mean to Be Carbon Neutral

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Carbon Neutral

Companies are said to be carbon neutral when they can compensate for the carbon emissions they generate through carbon offsetting projects.

The ability to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions or ability to offset carbon emissions are all important steps required to achieve holistic climate action.

The concentration of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide is the same across the globe. As far as the global greenhouse gas effect and the concentration of greenhouse gases are concerned.

It does not matter which part of the planet the emissions are avoided or produced. Hence, emissions that cannot be avoided are compensated for or taken care of by engaging in carbon offset projects.

For instance, this can be achieved through the use of renewable energy sources, afforestation, and forest conservation.

To be Carbon Neutral is Not the Same as Being Carbon-Free

People usually mix up the terms carbon neutral and carbon-free, they mean or represent different aspects of climate change.

Carbon-free items are those that do not generate any form of carbon emission from the production or manufacturing stages to the operational or provision process.

The entire supply chain including logistics, packaging, and raw materials must be such that there are no carbon emissions.

carbon neutral

On the other hand, any product or company can be said to be carbon neutral. This means that the process is being monitored to ensure the lowest amount of carbon emission.

This is done via carbon offset projects to reduce the carbon emissions calculated.


Consumers are concerned with the carbon neutrality of products and this must be verified via a recognized label. Hence, carbon partner has developed their label and system of verification many years ago.

To enable companies easily communicate their carbon neutrality to consumers in a transparent way. The label involves assigning an identification number for each carbon offset so that the offset can be verified and tracked online.

This is to guarantee that the carbon emissions have already been offset by climate partners. This process of assigning ID numbers is reviewed yearly.

Credibly Carbon Neutral

Companies that are said to be credibly carbon neutral are those that in addition to the offsetting have also pursued a reduction strategy and carbon avoidance for their items or products.

There are a lot of things that can be done to be carbon neutral, one of the things that can be done is to switch to green electricity and also start to incorporate carbon offsetting processes so that they can become carbon neutral as fast as possible.