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What Is Carbon Neutrality And How We Can Achieve It?

November 2 2022

Carbon Offsets and Supply Chain Sustainability

Achieve Carbon Neutrality

The world has started witnessing the effects of climate change. Drought, floods, increase in average temperature, and melting of icebergs, are all consequences of climate change. Now, it is high time that we took some action against these changes. All the countries and even all of us should take responsibility for the change. Becoming carbon neutral or reducing carbon emissions is the first step towards it. 

Carbon neutrality, in simple terms, means balancing the emissions of carbon dioxide in society by removing it. Sometimes companies also include all greenhouse gases in their carbon emissions. Countries have been trying to become carbon neutral for some time now. But as individuals, it is our responsibility that takes some steps to help our world. 

Carbon neutral

How to achieve Carbon Neutrality?

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, the following tips can be the most useful:

  • Transportation- Transportation has a major contribution to the carbon emissions of people. Cutting down on transportation can reduce carbon emissions to great extent. Make a practice to walk to the nearest distance instead of using vehicles. 
  • Use Green Vehicles or electric vehicles- Electric vehicles are good for the pocket as well as the environment. They do not emit any pollutants and also they are of very low maintenance. Thus, opting for electric vehicles can make a change in the environment. 
  • Take fewer Flights- Flights are the largest contributors to pollution in the world. But managing without flights is not possible. Whenever you have to travel long distances try to opt for sustainable options such as trains or buses. This way you will use as less flights as possible, thus one step closer to becoming carbon neutral.
  • Heating of houses- The heating of houses is responsible for the emission of huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well. There are various data that support the same fact. According to a report, heating and cooling account for the release of almost 441 million tons of CO2 annually. You can lower this number by making sure that your house is properly insulated. Also, you can program your thermostat to reduce heating costs. 
  • Turn off electronics when not in use- Most electronic appliances use energy even when they are switched off. So you should make sure that they are removed from the socket when not in use. If this feels like a difficult task, you can buy a special kind of plug specially made for this purpose. Also, try to buy Energy star rated electronic appliances.
  • Avoid eating meat- Meat, especially beef account for the largest food-related carbon emissions. So even if a single person cuts down meat, it would make a huge difference. Going completely vegetarian or vegan can be difficult for many people. So you can choose a single day in a week as no meat day. It would reduce carbon emissions to great extent. 


We are still a long way from becoming carbon neutral. But the efforts of people worldwide have raised hope that we will definitely achieve. The tips given above in this blog will help you to achieve neutrality.