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Unknown Facts About Carbon Footprints

October 11 2022

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Carbon Footprint Unknow Facts

With time, technology is growing up. And this. upgrading the technology with present-day lifestyles is having a profound impact on our planet. It is responsible for approximately two-thirds of global emissions. So it is very crucial to count your carbon footprint
Both the government and businesses have an equal role to play in supporting the necessary lifestyle changes by setting in place the right policies, infrastructure, and purposes. Some facts may wonder how carbon footprints are impacting the environment.

carbon footprint facts

Surprising Facts About Carbon Footprints

Emissions of carbon dioxide are from food wastes, transportation, and business. But we may not estimate how many footprints our lifestyle can leave on our globe.

Meat products have more massive carbon footprints per calorie in comparison with grains or vegetables. It is because farm animals tend to produce a lot of methane gas.

Studies showed that they emitted around 170 million metric tons of CO2e of methane, And yes, at last, it mixes up in the atmosphere.

Excess Speed Can Increase Your Carbon Footprint

If you discern the speed limit, it will improve your fuel economy and, by extension, decrease your carbon footprint through considerable fuel efficiency.

Also, It is observed that when driving with a speed of 50 mph or more, every 5 mph increase is equivalent to paying between 20 and 40 cents more per gallon. Hence maintaining the speed limit can be one of the carbon-neutral activities to be followed.

Dairy Products expel more Greenhouse gases compared to sea foods

Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt can contribute almost 19% of greenhouse gases emitted worse than poultry, eggs, and seafood occupy 14% of greenhouse gases. Vegetables also contribute a sheer up to 4.9%.

Wastes Are The Main Reason Of Carbon Emission

Reducing waste can surprise you with a big difference. By reducing every 10% of waste, you can prevent up to 1,200 pounds of CO2. And that’s not limited to recycling, that can apply to purchasing products with less packaging and refraining from plastic bags at the grocery store.
Fossil fuels and coal are the main sources of electricity. They contribute to major emissions of global warming gases. If you’re trying to go for carbon neutral next time don’t leave the light on.

Food Consumption has the highest carbon footprints

Food production reports up to 83 percent of CO2e or 8.1 metric tons every year, according to Environmental Science & Technology.

Also Transporting this food accounts for around 11 percent of emissions. Businesses related to food contribute to carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions, including the methane released by farm animals.

Limit Unnecessary Carbon Emissions By Keeping a Check On Carbon Footprints

It is important to keep on counting your carbon footprints to avoid global warming, our website can help you to donate to different programs around the world.

You can estimate your household emissions or daily emissions from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or The Nature Conservancy and prefer the best carbon-neutral activities like reducing the unnecessary usage of things or electricity wastage that can limit excessive emissions.

Reducing your carbon emissions is important to our environment, and the everyday lifestyle choices that we make, and the products, and items that we buy will influence our carbon footprint.

Here at Balanced Earth, we can help you to offset your carbon footprint with our carbon offset programs, you can invest in them to help our environment.